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720KMSX-BASICMSX2 Personal disk [Feb 26, 1988] visitasdp_n 18675 barra_n  descargas_n 17418 barra_n  actualizaciondp_nFeb 28, 2006
JuanP's programs and graphics
Diskette PROG6
Programas del diskette
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CD48 V1.7 OCT90CD48 V1.7 OCT90Basic and machine code ma...run"cd48Feb 26, 2006MSX21990Juan PradaDesignMSX-BASIC
Animatic V2Animatic V2Program made in BASIC use...run"animaticFeb 26, 2006MSX21989Juan PradaDesignMSX-BASIC
DesignRDesignRProgram to desing sprites...run"designrFeb 26, 2006MSX21988Juan PradaDesignMSX-BASIC
TrbWind8 V2TrbWind8 V2Digitalize images with NM...run"trbwind8Feb 26, 2006MSX21990Juan PradaDesignMSX-BASIC
Menu de programasMenu de programasMenu for a game's diskett...run"menuFeb 26, 2006MSX21990Juan PradaAnimationsMSX-BASIC
DBX-100DBX-100Full screen Casio nerd wa...run"dbx-100Feb 04, 2006MSX21990Juan PradaAnimationsMSX-BASIC
DesPersDesPersCharacter designer. Ma...run"despersFeb 26, 2006MSX21989Juan PradaDesignMSX-BASIC
DespPantDespPantLike (PROG 28), but with ...run"desppantFeb 26, 2006MSX21989Juan PradaDesignMSX-BASIC
BiorritmosBiorritmosBiorithm calculation...run"biorritm, run"bior7, run"bio8Feb 26, 2006MSX1986UnknownGamesMSX-BASIC
Katmosis MSX2 V3.0Katmosis MSX2 V3.0JuanP's final version for...run"katmosisFeb 26, 2006MSX21989Juan PradaGamesMSX-BASIC
El Castillo de MoebertEl Castillo de MoebertPlatform game...run"moebertFeb 26, 2006MSX1986OthersGamesMSX-BASIC
MetBombMetBombShot game. You have to re...run"metbombFeb 26, 2006MSX21988Juan PradaGamesMSX-BASIC
Sat BombSat BombSat Bomb game, fire to th...run"satbomb, run"satbomb1Feb 26, 2006MSX21988Juan PradaGamesMSX-BASIC
MontgolfierMontgolfierShot some birds from a ba...run"montgolfFeb 26, 2006MSX1986OthersGamesMSX-BASIC
Logo MSX StarsLogo MSX StarsProgram drawing a MSX log...run"logmsxFeb 26, 2006MSX1985UnknownAnimationsMSX-BASIC
AltPantAltPantPaint screen surface...run"altpantFeb 26, 2006MSX21988Juan PradaDesignMSX-BASIC
ParMSXParMSXA.I. alike program to tal...run"parmsxFeb 26, 2006MSX21988Juan PradaGamesMSX-BASIC
El MagoEl MagoGame about finding the ma...run"mago, run"mago1, run"elmagoFeb 26, 2006MSX21989Juan PradaGamesMSX-BASIC
Demo Casio FX850PDemo Casio FX850PStartup emulation of Casi...run"democasiFeb 26, 2006MSX1988Juan PradaAnimationsMSX-BASIC
Casio NumbersCasio NumbersGame existing in some Cas...run"casionum, run"numbersFeb 26, 2006MSX1988Juan PradaGamesMSX-BASIC
Mensaje: Emulador e informacin FX850PEmulador e informacin FX850P Autor: countach Fecha: Wednesday, June 11, 2008 at 01:26
Hi, check out this site: LINK I've not checked the emulator it has.
Mensaje: Demo Casio FX850PDemo Casio FX850P Autor: Teresa Fecha: Tuesday, June 10, 2008 at 20:15

I saw your webpage.
Can you help me?
I need a simulator of casio 850p or 880p to run under windows. Can you tell me how can i get it?

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