Presentación Il Palio
Juan PradaMSX-BASICMSX2 Animations [Oct 05, 1991] visitasdp_n 23589 barra_n  actualizaciondp_nNov 12, 2004
ejecucion run"gpalio.bas
raton No / Optional
comentario instrucciones
Graphic animated show made for its viewing in the screens of the disco-bar 'Il Palio' in Madrid. The programs has some animated scenes using the logo and the title look. Simply run it and let it work. Press space bar to jump over the scenes if you want.
Diskettes del programa
Click to see diskette 'MASTER2'MASTER2Disk containing selfmade programs, in BASIC and Pascal....6MSX2Oct 17, 2004720KPersonal diskMSX-DOS
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