Diskette DEMO MAPA 1 DEMO MAPA 1 descargar_n
720KMSX-BASICMSX2 Personal disk [Oct 20, 1989] visitasdp_n 23819 barra_n  descargas_n 23819 barra_n  actualizaciondp_nFeb 26, 2006
Lenght of map data: 1080.14K 1.05Mb

V1.1 Oct 20, 1989

JuanP MSX2
Best used with 'mapdem2' disk in unit B:
This is a full map demo with pixel to pixel made graphics.
Diskette DEMO MAPA 1
Programas del diskette
CD48 V1.1 AnimaticCD48 V1.1 AnimaticBasic and machine code ma...Option 2 in start menu or run"cd48 in Basic modeFeb 26, 2006MSX21988Juan PradaDesignMSX-BASIC
TrbWind8 V2TrbWind8 V2Digitalize images with NM...Press key 3 in start menuFeb 26, 2006MSX21990Juan PradaDesignMSX-BASIC
Trb OperTrb OperGraphic capture utility. ...Press option 1 in start menuFeb 18, 2006MSX21989Juan PradaDesignMSX-BASIC
The Map DemoThe Map DemoA functional map of a gam...Press RETURN in autostart menuFeb 18, 2006MSX21989Juan PradaAnimationsMSX-BASIC
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