Lista de programas
Games Games
Something playable, finished (or not).
OVNIOVNIA 3D simulation game,"ovniFeb 18, 2006MSX1985UnknownGamesMSX-BASIC
Tito ClementeTito ClementeFunny test about a TV soa...Type TITOCLEM in MSX-DOS modeNov 12, 2004MSX1991Juan PradaGamesMSX-DOS
Las 4 en rayaLas 4 en rayaUnfinished program for pl...Type 4ENRAYANov 12, 2004MSX1991Juan PradaGamesMSX-DOS
BiorritmosBiorritmosBiorithm"biorritFeb 26, 2006MSX1986UnknownGamesMSX-BASIC
Katmosis MSX2 V2Katmosis MSX2 V2JuanP's initial version"katmos, run"katmtirFeb 26, 2006MSX21987Juan PradaGamesMSX-BASIC
Katmosis MSX2 V3.0Katmosis MSX2 V3.0JuanP's final version"katmosisFeb 26, 2006MSX21989Juan PradaGamesMSX-BASIC
El Castillo EmbrujadoEl Castillo EmbrujadoPlatform"castembrFeb 26, 2006MSX21987Juan PradaGamesMSX-BASIC
El Castillo de MoebertEl Castillo de MoebertPlatform"moebertFeb 26, 2006MSX1986OthersGamesMSX-BASIC
MetBombMetBombShot game. You have to"metbombFeb 26, 2006MSX21988Juan PradaGamesMSX-BASIC
Sat BombSat BombSat Bomb game, fire to"satbomb, run"satbomb1Feb 26, 2006MSX21988Juan PradaGamesMSX-BASIC
MontgolfierMontgolfierShot some birds from a"montgolfFeb 26, 2006MSX1986OthersGamesMSX-BASIC
ParMSXParMSXA.I. alike program to"parmsxFeb 26, 2006MSX21988Juan PradaGamesMSX-BASIC
El MagoEl MagoGame about finding the"mago, run"mago1, run"elmagoFeb 26, 2006MSX21989Juan PradaGamesMSX-BASIC
Casio NumbersCasio NumbersGame existing in some"casionum, run"numbersFeb 26, 2006MSX1988Juan PradaGamesMSX-BASIC
Asterland MSX1Asterland MSX1Move a space module"asterMar 05, 2006MSX1986Juan PradaGamesMSX-BASIC
Asterland MSX2Asterland MSX2Move a space module"astermx2Mar 05, 2006MSX21986Juan PradaGamesMSX-BASIC
ParacaidistaParacaidistaThrow a parachuteman"paraccMar 05, 2006MSX21987Juan PradaGamesMSX-BASIC
Paracaidista IIParacaidista IIThrow a parachuteman"paracMar 06, 2006MSX21987Juan PradaGamesMSX-BASIC
FruakFruakSimple game to shoot a"fruakMar 05, 2006MSX21987Juan PradaGamesMSX-BASIC
SquashSquashA simple squash"squashMar 05, 2006MSX21986UnknownGamesMSX-BASIC
3D Zone3D Zone3D game with a spaceship"3dzoneMar 05, 2006MSX21987Juan PradaGamesMSX-BASIC
PachulinPachulinMove an elastic bar"pachulinMar 05, 2006MSX21987Juan PradaGamesMSX-BASIC
Generador de discursosGenerador de discursosThis program is capable"discursoMar 05, 2006MSX21987UnknownGamesMSX-BASIC
Generador de frases TochónGenerador de frases TochónThis program generates"tochonMar 05, 2006MSX21987Juan PradaGamesMSX-BASIC
Bomba LocaBomba LocaShooting game. Fire to"bomblocaMar 05, 2006MSX21987Juan PradaGamesMSX-BASIC
2º A2º ASentence generator"2ºAMar 05, 2006MSX21987Juan PradaGamesMSX-BASIC
StarpingStarpingRotating star game. The"starpingMar 05, 2006MSX21987Juan PradaGamesMSX-BASIC
E.T. en Bici hasta al LunaE.T. en Bici hasta al LunaFree alternative MSX2"etMar 06, 2006MSX21987Juan PradaGamesMSX-BASIC
StarmoveStarmoveTwo player game"starmoveMar 06, 2006MSX21987Juan PradaGamesMSX-BASIC
Gans B52Gans B52Shooting game to little"gansb52Mar 06, 2006MSX2006UnknownGamesMSX-BASIC
FirelandFirelandGame in progress ("fireland, run"firelan1Mar 06, 2006MSX21987Juan PradaGamesMSX-BASIC