The Map Demo
Juan PradaMSX-BASICMSX2 Animations [Jan 01, 1989] visitasdp_n 23819 barra_n  actualizaciondp_nFeb 18, 2006
ejecucion Press RETURN in autostart menu
raton No / Optional
comentario instrucciones
A functional map of a game in development, presented to Opera Soft. Go around the screens using the arrow keys and SPACE BAR.
When pressing the arrow keys, screen will preload and a diskette icon is shown in the top of the screen. When load finishes, an OK message is shown and will wait the press of SPACE BAR to show it.

All graphics and designed using CD48 program.
Diskettes del programa
Click to see diskette 'DEMO MAPA 1'DEMO MAPA 1Lenght of map data: 1080.14K 1.05Mb V1.1 Oct 20, 1989 ...4MSX2Feb 26, 2006720KPersonal diskMSX-BASIC
Click to see diskette 'DEMO MAPA 2'DEMO MAPA 2The MAP Demo 2 V1.1 Oct 30, 1989 Disc #2 of DEMO MAPA ...1MSX2Feb 18, 2006720KPersonal diskMSX-BASIC
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